Prevent Moisture and Energy Transmission by Attic Air Sealing

You and your family generate moisture when you cook, shower, do laundry, use humidifiers, and even when you breathe. More than 99% of the water used to water plants eventually enters the air. This water vapor can add up to 5-15 gallons of water per day to the air inside your home. Just by breathing and perspiring a typical family adds about 3 gallons of water to their home per day.

This moisture rises through convection and enters the attic through the ceiling/attic penetrations. When this moisture rich air reaches the cool roof decking in the colder months, the temperature decreases and the humidity increases as they work inverse of one another. Once humidity reaches 100%, condensation occurs and saturates the roof decking, resulting in a fertile breeding ground for mold.

The #1 way to prevent moisture from entering the attic space is to properly air seal the ceiling/attic penetrations. Air sealing involves locating and sealing with two component closed cell foam all of the accessible penetrations in the ceiling that allow air to migrate from the living spaces into the attic. This not only saves a significant amount of energy, but also eliminates the #1 way moisture arrives in the attic. We completely foam over the top plates of all interior and exterior walls, all ceiling lights, ceiling fans, smoke alarms, bath fans, electrical wires, vent pipes, duct work, and tin mat covers are installed on recessed lights if needed.