Turn Your Attic Into a Pest-Free Space With Our Help

Attic pests such as bats, raccoons, mice, etc. can wreak havoc in your attic. Left unchecked they can soil insulation, chew through wires and cause thousands of dollars in damage. We can identify and seal their points of entry, remove contaminated insulation as well as sanitize and restore your attic. Our blown in cellulose insulation is coated in a natural pest deterrent.

Many pest removal companies rely on scare tactics and fear to grossly overcharge and take advantage of homeowners. 

Bats: Most species of bats are protected in the state of Michigan. While we do not remove the bats, we locate their points of entry and install one way doors that allow them to exit but not re-enter the attic space.

Mice: We are capable of removing and replacing soiled insulation. We seal any accessible attic entry points and can distribute bait packs throughout the attic to target the unwanted guests. 

Raccoons: Raccoons are by far the most destructive animal that enters attics. We have seen attics in complete shambles at the hands of raccoons. Again, while we do not remove the raccoons we do provide comprehensive restoration services to repair the damage they have done.