Attic Mold? Don't Panic!

If you already have attic mold, don’t panic. Instead of capitalizing on media hype and fear to overcharge, we offer a serious, sensible solution to mold clean-up and re-growth prevention at a reasonable price.

While mold has been around for millions of years, it's only recently that it has become an unwelcome guest in so many of our attics. We've witnessed an alarming increase in the percentage of attics contaminated with mold in just the last few years. The fact is, we are unwittingly creating a fertile breeding ground for mold in our attics. Mold requires moisture to reproduce. Improper attic air sealing, ventilation, construction errors, and incorrect bathroom exhaust venting allows condensation to form on the underside of the roof decking in the colder months, providing the moisture needed for mold growth. 

Mold in your attic is created by excess moisture entering the attic and condensing on the roof sheeting. Unfortunately, most homes today have unsealed attic/ceiling penetrations allowing for moisture to enter the attic from the home, inadequate ventilation to evaporate this moisture, and we often find bath vans exhausting into the attic contributing even more moisture to the space allowing for mold growth. By limiting the sources of moisture entering the attic and improving attic ventilation, we can mitigate the factors contributing to mold growth. Not only is it important to clean the existing mold, but it is necessary to address these underlying factors to help prevent reoccurrence of mold in the future.

We use an effective, step-by-step approach to contain, kill and eliminate the mold. Next, we prevent re-growth by denying moisture to the attic by air sealing the ceiling/attic penetrations, improving ventilation, and correcting any bathroom exhaust problems. Some homeowners have paid significantly for mold clean-up only to have the mold return in less than one year!

We possess professional experience and knowledge of the unique conditions that cause attic mold, how to safely remove it, and effectively prevent re-growth.

While mold and the mycotoxins it produces have been proven to be hazardous to humans, it’s not clear if the mold in the attic is an imminent threat to the home’s inhabitants.

What we do know is that it can be devastating to the market value of your home and we encourage homeowners to be proactive and avoid attic mold by ensuring they have effective air sealing and ventilation.

The good news is that the steps you take to prevent attic mold will also reduce your heating and cooling costs, minimize ice dams, improve your comfort, increase your property value and protect your family’s health. Note that homeowners’ insurance policies generally exclude attic mold from coverage.

There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing attic mold and attic mold remediation. Cleaning and sanitizing attic mold is merely treating the existing mold. This is treating only the symptom, not the underlying cause of the mold. 

Remediation involves both cleaning and sanitizing the mold as well as correcting the underlying factors that allowed for the mold growth initially. 

Attic mold is often found upon inspection of homes that are for sale. Most home buyers request mold remediation rather than simply cleaning and sanitizing, so it is important to understand the wording of your home's contract if you are purchasing or selling a home with attic mold to avoid inadvertently breaching contract.

Your attic evaluation will be performed by a licensed mold inspector. We use the highest quality E.P.A. registered sanitizers and anti-microbial products with the most advanced nanotechnology to prevent mold growth. We have been in business for decades and have performed thousands of mold remediations in attics. Our crew members are extensively trained, efficient and honest. Rest assured you can trust Attic Pros to address your attic mold in a timely matter at a fair price.